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We now have Satellite...


We have just recently purchased Starlink, by Space X. After testing for 6 weeks, we are now happy to add the service to our streaming packages, AT NO EXTRA COST. So we can provide an even more reliable service in poor mobile connection areas.

fIt's ideal for us travelling to locations where connectivity has been unreliable or completely unavailable.

We can expect high speed, low latency internet in areas marked (light blue), and notably slower speeds during hours of peak usage in areas marked as (dark blue) or during events with many collocated users.

So combining this new satellite connection with our 4G mobile bonding, in poor mobile areas, will give us the best possible connection.

Things can still be challenging in the situations and we will always record the stream, as a backup, and upload after the service if the unthinkable happens.

But with this added investment within our business, we like to think we offer our clients the best possible service, with no price increase.

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