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Why you should consider live streaming a funeral...

In our technological age, the way we experience events has been transformed, often for the better! Now, the latest technological trend, live streaming, is benefitting families. Whether you encounter issues with travel or last-minute emergencies, it is unfortunately likely that a loved one won’t be able to make a funeral. But, thanks to live streaming, they can still be part of the day, even if it’s not physically!

Live streaming has become even more useful in the current climate as coronavirus has significantly impacted on funerals and their guest. So, find out more about the advantages of live streaming and how it might just save that special farewe!

Dorset funeral live streaming

Why Live Stream a Funeral?

There are two main reasons why live streaming a funeral becomes an excellent, even necessary option. Either a loved one is ill and unable to travel or is overseas and unable to travel. Both of these reasons are especially prevalent due to the COVID-19 pandemic. You may also have guests, such as elderly relatives, who are uneasy about the risk of social gatherings. Or you may have guests facing travel restrictions or who are shielding. Live streaming means your family and friends won’t miss out on the funeral but won’t risk their health or the health of others.

Devon funeral live streaming

How to Live Stream a Funeral?

You may be tempted to use Facebook or Instagram Live to live stream a funeral. However, we would suggest going to a professional instead.

With a professional, you can avoid disappointment and guarantee all your guests get to witness the service! Dedicated professionals, such as John Gurd at FuneralStreamingService offer funeral streaming services. They can troubleshoot any problems on the day and work alongside others to ensure those watching the live stream feel included.

Funeral Streaming Service use the latest, high-quality technology to ensure the funeral is streamed in HD wherever your guests are watching, from desktops to mobiles. They can easily stream the funeral with very little mobile coverage, using outdoor routers to pick up better signals. So you don’t need to worry about your venue’s internet coverage! You also get complete control of who will be watching. Then, you receive an archived link so you can watch online or download the file to keep after the funeral service. To live stream the funeral with ease, a professional is essential. All your

Somerset Funeral Live streaming

guests need is access to the internet and your streaming professional will do the rest!

For more information on live streaming a funeral, get in touch with John Gurd at Funeral Streaming Service.

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