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Another 5* review

"This is a fantastic service. The undertakers dealt direct with John and I didn't need to have any involvement which was just perfect. The streaming feed and then the download able copy were of really good quality, I had really positive feedback from those that watched live online who said it was like they were sitting at the back of the Church. My sister was unable to travel to our Dad's funeral because of Covid so we had the streaming set up for her but it also meant that other friends and family who either couldn't travel or were concerned about the Covid risk were able to watch. Technically the quality was incredible, the professional kit meant that all of the sound was captured perfectly, including the tributes, even though John was right next to the Church organ! The camera panned in and out at the right moment but wasn't intrusive in the Church. If you've seen fixed camera services from the Crematoriums, this is very much better than those, everyone I have spoken to felt that they were involved in the service rather than just being a bystander. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the service offered by John."

AW- Lyme Regis

Lyme Regis funeral live stream
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